Create Day

Posted: 2nd July 2024

Children dancing in school hall

Today, our Prep children had an exciting and creative experience during the Royal Opera House Create Day, inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Create Day 2024 is a nationwide event involving singing, dancing, and designing, with participation from Years 3-6 classrooms across England, featuring performers from the Royal Ballet and Opera.

Led by artists from the Royal Ballet and Opera via live stream, Create Day ran from 9:15 am to 2:45 pm and included a variety of engaging activities. The children created and performed a dance inspired by Crystal Pite’s ‘Covenant,’ developed essential performance skills such as focus and projection, made boxes of hope in Art, and sang Ayanna Witter Johnson’s song ‘The Hope.’ The day culminated in a final performance for all Prep pupils in Roberts Hall with the children bedecked in coloured crowns.

“Our Prep children really embraced the spirit of creativity and performance during the Royal Opera House Create Day. It was truly inspiring to see their enthusiasm and dedication as they engaged in singing, dancing, and designing alongside professionals from the Royal Ballet and Opera. Well done everyone!” said Ms Caddick, Junior School Director of Music.

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