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St Lawrence College is a World Class High Performance Learning School

Posted: 19th May 2020

High Performance Learning (HPL) is an established teaching and learning framework that recognises that every pupil can be a high performer and it aims to create students who have the values, attitudes and attributes that enable them to meet the challenges of adult life.

St Lawrence College started their HPL journey two years ago and is delighted to have received this prestigious accreditation.

Head of College, Barney Durrant, said, “Our aim is to nurture every individual to help them achieve their potential and this is most clearly illustrated in our excellent Value Added academic results. A combination of dedicated teachers, a broad and challenging curriculum, strong work ethic and focus on core educational skills combine to provide a stimulating, inspiring and purposeful learning experience for our pupils. All of this is underpinned by High Performance Learning; an understanding that intelligence is not fixed and that high performance in education is achievable by all. We are proud to have been one of only 14 schools globally to have been granted the status of a World Class High Performance Learning School.

This award recognises the hard work and support we have had from our pupils, parents and teachers who have really embraced this new language of learning. We’ve seen some huge benefits already including in our GCSE and A Level results where a number of pupils have done much better by adopting this new method of learning. Since we started our HPL journey, the whole school, from Nursery to Sixth Form, has embedded these principles from classrooms to hockey pitches and in discussions between pupils, teachers and parents. We are already seeing the positive impact with our pupils applying them to a range of learning and life experiences enabling them to be better learners and more successful people.”

Deputy Head Will Scott who led the HPL project believes it will benefit all pupils, “Our message to parents is that your child will do better at St Lawrence College because if they are already performing academically highly we have a great programme for them. If they aren’t feeling as confident, then I want to say to all parents and pupils don’t worry – we know you can achieve highly and we’ll help you to get there. As a school we are able to offer experiences that are positive and which will build confidence in a number of areas, which can be taken through to all aspects of life.”girls using high performance learning techniques in maths

At the awards ceremony in October 2019, HPL founder Deborah Eyre. Isaid, “The schools picking up their award are being recognised as amongst the best in the world, they are doing leading edge work at the forefront of education. They are functioning at a very high standard in terms of both student standards with educational outcomes but also their operational effectiveness – their ability to do this consistently. It represents an immense commitment from staff. These schools have established the HPL culture amongst their students and staff and are now schools operating in line with those ideas. It’s a big achievement. At St Lawrence College the attributes of High-Performance Learning are increasingly evident and student-led learning is a real strength of the school. Students from the nursery through to the sixth form speak confidently about their learning both in lessons and in discussion groups. Student voice is strong and student leadership is encouraged in all areas of school life. Another feature is the truly collaborative environment not just between year groups but also with other schools and external partners. Students feel a sense of responsibility for the community, both local and global, they are encouraged to see the big picture and to speak about their values. The school has fostered a genuine belief in both parents and students, and the notions that mistakes are part of learning is well understood. We have been impressed how much creativity in all its forms is actively promoted. Students strive to attain their personal best academically and recognise their place in a rapidly changing global society. Modern facilities combined with traditional values based on the school’s Christian roots draw out the talents of every student.”

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