Art & Photography

All students in Years 7 to 9 study Art. Lessons cover an expansive range of recording/drawing styles and the development and realization of ideas. We also put a strong emphasis on experimentation that encourages individuals to produce a wide assortment of outcomes and final pieces.

We teach AQA’s GCSE specification in Art and Design from Year 10 (4th Form). After this two-year course students have the opportunity to do an AS in Art & Design or AS in Photography. Photography is a separate endorsement and this was launched in September 2013 which has proved to be very popular.

Throughout all courses we support and empower students to create works that have a unique approach and which demonstrate sensitivity to their subject matter as well as a distinctive application of their materials. We encourage individuals to engage with the real world not a virtual one, to explore their own ideas in 2D & 3D and to trust what they make. This allows students to explore and develop their own ideas from an array of influences and gives flexibility with outcomes in terms of mediums and processes. We aim to make the Art & Design and Photography courses experiential that engage other forms of intelligence to include kinaesthetic, spatial, interpersonal (relationships with others) and intra-personal (knowledge and understanding of the self).

We run frequent trips to London galleries, location visits and full or half-day workshops. These help to support pupils in their understanding of artists and craftsmen, and provide them with extended periods of time to practice their technical skills. In recent years we have been to Stour Valley Arts, Dungeness, St Margaret's Bay, The Spirit Collection at the Natural History Museum, The Pallant Gallery and The Cass Sculpture Foundation in Hampshire.

In the last few years, students graduating from St Lawrence College Art Department have gone on to study for a variety of creative careers at: LIPO - The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Theatre and Performance Design), Chichester College (Art Foundation), University of Greenwich (Design and Construction Management), UCA (Art and Design Foundation Diploma), Camberwell Art College (Art Foundation) and Brunel (Industrial Design and Technology).

We offer Art Scholarships based on artistic ability, enthusiasm and originality. To find out more please contact our Registrar:

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"The school clearly offers a stimulating course where students have been encouraged to develop wide ranging experimental work and ideas..."
What AQA said about A Level Art & Design and Photography at St Lawrence College