Bellerby is the boarding house for senior girls. It currently accommodates 60 teenagers with an age range of 13-18 years. Having moved from its previous location in College Road, the new house, opened in September 2013, now sits in the heart of the school grounds. The accommodation is split over three floors and has a range of very modern en-suite single, double and quadruple rooms.

The Housemistress, Mrs Andrea Izzard, is supported by a resident Assistant Housemistress and a group of tutors who assist the girls with their academic needs within school. All staff within Bellerby take active roles in the day to day lives of the students.

There is a very hardworking atmosphere around the House and, because of this, most girls find it very easy to find the right balance between work and play. When the work is done, there is plenty to do in Bellerby House. You might come across the delicious aroma of Nepalese food wafting from under the kitchen door or be invited to sample a spicy delicacy from Shanghai! The joys of Bellerby also include being able to compete in sport, which brings everyone in the House very close together.

Whether winning or losing, there is still a sense of achievement and happiness throughout the House - a real team spirit. This is the same for House Music and House Drama Competitions.

Above all, Bellerby is a happy House and the girls are always ready to welcome new members into their ever-evolving family.

Welcome to Bellerby Girls' Boarding House

Housemistress:Mrs Andrea Izzard
Tel:0044 (0)1843 572905
Bellerby Housemistress

Life in Bellerby Senior Girls' Boarding House