On entry into the school each pupil is allocated a House:

YEARS 7 & 8

  • Cameron: mixed day and boarding house within Kirby House
  • Courtenay: mixed day and boarding house within Kirby House

YEARS 9-13

  • Bellerby: senior girls’ boarding house
  • Clifford: new senior girls' day house
  • Deacon: new senior boys' day house
  • Laing: senior girls’ day house
  • Lodge: senior boys’ boarding house
  • Tower: senior boys’ boarding house
  • Newlands: senior boys’ day house

The houses are made up of pupils from different year groups and the house system encourages a sense of belonging. Older pupils benefit from leadership roles within the houses.

The Housemaster or Housemistress has responsibility for the general well-being of pupils in their houses and is kept fully informed on all issues relating to their pupils. The Housemaster/Housemistress provides the main channel of communication between home and school, developing positive partnerships with parents and guardians.

All pupils are encouraged to participate, co-operate and support each other in house events and there are many opportunities for friendly competition against other houses, eg Sports Day, team matches, Singing Competition and House Plays.