Results & Destinations

Exam Results

GCSE Results 2018

Despite the introduction of tougher exams, the top grades at GCSE again increased in 2018, for the fourth year in a row, with 37% of all grades the equivalent of A*-A and 65% A*-B. For a mixed ability school these aggregate results are very good indeed. The top three individual pupils managed 27 of the top Grade 8/9s between them.

Results were particularly strong in a number of core academic subjects, with A*-A equivalent (grade 7-9) % of 74% in Physics, 67% in Biology, 58% in Chemistry and 53% in English; given a number of pupils are second language English speakers, these are very impressive figures. In option subjects, Music and Computing both achieved 60% 7-9, Spanish 58% and RS (Short Course) 80%.

When comparing these figures with local grammar schools, with their selective intake, St Lawrence College’s results are very impressive. Of those pupils who took and passed the Kent Test and came to St Lawrence, the A*/A % at GCSE was a phenomenal 69%; that is almost double the figure at our nearest grammar school. These results show how pupils at St Lawrence make exceptional progress across the whole ability range.

A Level Results 2018

At St Lawrence we follow traditional, academic A Levels as the best route into top universities, augmented for the first time in 2018 by the first results in the Extended Project Qualification and Sport BTEC, both with 100% pass rates. At A Level, the top two individual performers in 2018 gained A*A*A and A*A*AB.

Aggregate A Level results reflect the broad ability of intake, with excellent “value added” across the ability range; to allow comparison with academically selective schools, it is noteworthy that the A*-B % for the top quartile of pupils was 94%, which compares very favourably with the most academically selective schools in the country.

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Higher Education

The A Level results in 2018 again saw St Lawrence pupils gaining the grades to access a place at top universities for a diverse range of courses, and as usual almost all leavers went on to university. There are currently three former pupils who are undergraduates at Oxford University, but we are also proud of pupils who get places at less elite universities to take appropriate courses, and who may have performed very well in getting grades of CCC. The following table shows the university destinations of some of our 2018 leavers, including the university’s ranking in the Times Higher Education league table.

DurhamAccounting & Finance12
Queen Mary, University of London History & Politics14
Queen Mary, University of LondonMaths14
LeedsFrench & International Relations 18
East AngliaBiomedicine30
Royal Holloway, University of London English31
SOAS, University of London Social Anthropology53

"By the time pupils leave the school, they are well rounded, articulate and confident, ready to go into the world prepared to make mature and responsible decisions for their future lives."