Learning Support

Our mission: To support pupils in realising their potential.

The aims of the Learning Support Department are:

  • To identify learning needs in order to coordinate appropriate support suited to individual needs.
  • To promote a whole school policy on supporting pupils.
  • To liaise with subject and pastoral staff on AEN issues.
  • To establish positive working relations with parents.
  • To support and advise parents, pupils and staff.
  • To promote an understanding and tolerance of different learning needs within the school.

Staffing 2019-2020
Head of Learning Support
Mrs Sue Flory – Dyspraxia Specialist and AEN Teacher
Mrs Jennifer Jennings – AEN Teacher
Mrs Nicola Macaulay - AEN Teacher

Types of special educational needs we aim to cater for are:

  • Dyslexia (difficulties with reading, writing and spelling)
  • Dyspraxia (problems with motor skills and organisation)
  • Dyscalculia (difficulties with number work)

Children learn and develop in different ways. Teachers at St Lawrence College recognise this and use different teaching styles, resources and plan different tasks in the classroom to cater for the various ways in which children learn. However, many children, at some point of their school life, need extra help.

Typically this support includes small group work on reading, spelling, written work and basic maths, targeted to a pupil’s specific needs, including handwriting or touch typing lessons if necessary. Pupils may be supported 1:1, but all pupils have access to the same multisensory teaching styles, differentiated to their level and aimed at supporting their progress in their mainstream studies.

Mrs Flory is available to assess students for dyspraxia. She creates bespoke programmes for motor development, which she will often deliver in small group or one to one settings in a conjunction with parents. She can alternatively deliver any physiotherapy programmes that students may already be undertaking. She has a dedicated room and equipment to deliver any necessary remediation.

Please note that additional support does attract fees.

Exam Concessions
Where appropriate, exam concessions are sought in line with the regulations outlined by the Joint Council for General Qualifications. Provision to date has included access to reading support, additional time, access to a scribe and/or a wordprocessor, but is bespoke to an individual pupil’s needs.

CReSTeD Status

St Lawrence College has CReSTeD status as a school where pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) are withdrawn from appropriately selected lessons for specialist tuition from a teacher qualified in teaching pupils with SpLD.

CReSTeD have commented on the outstanding nature of our small group work with pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. They state that: “The lessons observed within the AEN Department were well-tuned to the pupils’ needs and of a very high calibre."

Latest CReSTeD Report