Key Stage 3 (Years 7 - 9)

Years 7 & 8

In the First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8), pupils take a core curriculum of English, French, Mathematics and Science. The Core Curriculum is augmented by lessons in Geography, History, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Design Technology, Drama and Home Economics. Able linguists can also study Latin as an additional subject.

Games and PE sessions are timetabled three afternoons a week. An extensive activities programme is offered on Saturday mornings, with some sports matches on Saturday afternoons.

For French and Mathematics pupils are allocated to sets according to level of ability. In addition, all pupils have one lesson of PSHE and one lesson of Thinking and Study Skills/Careers and Enterprise per week (ACE). ICT is incorporated into Core subject lessons and the ACE Enrichment Programme. In this way, pupils are not only able to acquire the key skills needed to progress to later stages of their education, but also have the opportunity to follow a broad and balanced programme.

Most lessons take place within Kirby House, except those requiring specialist resources, such as Science and Art. A few other lessons are timetabled in the main teaching block. The layout of the building and the plentiful provision of computing equipment allows for cross-curricular teaching.

Year 9

Guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum - but, as an Independent School with the freedom to go above and beyond - our Third Form (Year 9) curriculum provides a secure foundation for GCSE studies to be started the following year.

The core subjects of English, French and/or Spanish, Mathematics and the separate Sciences are supplemented with Geography, History, Religious Studies and Computing, whilst greater breadth is achieved through Drama, Music, Physical Education, Art and Design Technology. Latin is also available for those who have already studied this subject.

For subjects such as Mathematics and French pupils are placed in sets according to ability levels.

In addition, all pupils follow a full PSHE/Careers and Enterprise/Study Skills course.