GCSE (Years 10 & 11)

All pupils take a core consisting of English (Language and Literature or just Language), Mathematics and Science (Dual or Triple subject covering all three of Biology, Chemistry and Physics). With a few exceptions, all must study a Modern Language (French, Spanish or English as a Second Language). AEN support is also available in place of a language. All pupils follow a PSHE course.

A further four options are chosen from Art, Business Studies, Computing, Design Technology, Drama, French, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies and Spanish.

The usual number of GCSE subjects taken is ten. Some pupils may take eight or nine GCSEs if they do not study English Literature and/or take Dual rather than Triple Science. At St Lawrence College we believe that this is the optimum number which combines the necessary breadth with the best opportunity to achieve the highest possible grades.

To allow for the greatest level of choice in selecting subjects, pupils expecting to enter the Fourth Form (Year 10) are asked to specify their preferred subjects before the option groupings are devised to satisfy as many of these preferred combinations as possible.