Junior School say Thank You

Year 4 Thanksgiving assembly

Happy Thanksgiving was the message from our Year 4 Junior School pupils, who held a special assembly to share the origins of this American celebration. Ethan started the morning with some beautiful piano playing as parents and the rest of the children settled themselves in the hall.

Year 4 pupil playing piano

Then pupils then shared their Thanksgiving artwork as they told the story of how the tradition of Thanksgiving started with the Pilgrims who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts inviting their neighbours, the local Wampanoag Indians, to join them in a meal to celebrate the harvest. The children also challenged everyone to have an attitude of gratitude for all they have – especially when we can take for granted things that many people do not.

Year 4 Thanksgiving artwork

The assembly had been inspired by Year 4 pupil, Grace, who is of dual US and British heritage. She had asked Headteacher Mrs Rowe if she could tell the school more about how her family celebrate this special occasion and she wrote a poem which she read out at the assembly:

Thanksgiving Poem – by Grace, Year 4

Thanksgiving, a time for giving,

When everyone gives praise for living.

Pumpkins, turkey everywhere,

Also, plenty to share.

Special time with family,

Best it could be.

Giving thanks for our many blessings,

Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving!

Other members of the class read out prayers they had written about what they were thankful for – from family, friends and teachers, to seeing their favourite team win!

Mrs Rowe said: "This is such a lovely message that was shared this morning. It is so important for us to count our many blessings and I, personally, am so thankful for all the effort, enthusiasm and creativity that Year 4 have put in to remind us of this."

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