International Culture Event
International Culture Event

Senior School pupils organised a cultural event for their peers on Saturday 12 May. The afternoon began with a fashion show with pupils from Germany, France, China, Nepal, India, Ghana and Nigeria showcasing fashion typical of their home country.

Following the fashion show, pupils performed a variety of traditional dances typical of their home country. We were treated to dances from Bulgaria, Nepal, Africa, Nigeria, India and Brazil. Ken Wang also performed a wonderful traditional Chinese folk song on saxophone.

Pupils sourced, prepared and served dishes from their home country, including Daniil and Pasha who cooked Borsch, a famous soup in many Russian families, as well as many Eastern and Central European countries.

The School is fortunate to have pupils from around the world, and this event provided a wonderful platform for them to share aspects of their culture with their friends and to celebrate the rich cultural diversity in the School. See the Photo Gallery.

Craig Brown, Head of Economics & Business Studies

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