100 Tons of Plastic
100 Tons of Plastic

Former SLC pupil, George Heming, returned to St Lawrence to speak to Junior School pupils in morning Assembly about his goal to be responsible in some way of removing 100 tons of plastic waste from our shores and seas.

George has always been a keen sailor, so has seen for himself the increase of plastic waste in the water. This led him to setting up 100 Tons of Plastic. He wanted to set a challenge that hasn't been done before while educating and raising awareness of the problem.

Junior School pupils have been learning about the problems that plastic has caused in the world's oceans and took part in a beach enrichment day earlier on in the term, including a beach clean.

Year 6 pupils are running their own mini-Christmas fair for fellow pupils to raise money and awareness of the plastic in our oceans. Several of the children feel very passionate about this cause and successfully spearheaded a campaign last year against single-use straws at the school.

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