House System

On entry into Year 3, a child joins one of three School Houses: Fiske, Sutton or Waymouth. The Houses meet on a weekly basis, encouraging pupils of different ages to interact with and support each other. The Houses compete against each other by collecting as many house points as possible.

Individual children are rewarded, and earn points for their Houses for effort/progress in class, or for good behaviour, or an act of kindness/thoughtfulness. House points are also awarded and for participation in inter-school matches/tournaments and for inter-house events.

The house system encourages all pupils to participate and develops a strong sense of belonging and friendly competition. Once a child has been assigned a House, any younger family members automatically become a member of the same House when they move up to Year 3. Year 6 pupils are able to develop leadership and organisational skills as House Captain or House Games Captain, supporting and encouraging younger pupils.