Extended School Day

Extended School Day & Flexi Boarding

Extended Day

An extended day, from 8.00am until 5.00pm, is available free of charge to all SLCJS pupils, from Reception to Year 6. This makes life much easier for parents with children of different ages within the school.

However, the extended day doesn't stop there! Aware of the many practical challenges faced by parents with demanding professional schedules, SLCJS is pleased to be able to offer a variety of flexible opportunities for day children to dip into life in the boarding department. As well as providing the convenience factor, these enable pupils to experience the outstanding accommodation available in Kirby House and to enjoy more of the delicious meals served in the College Dining Hall! Current options and charges are as follows:

BREAKFAST CLUB (7.15-8.00am)£5.55 per session
SUPPER CLUB (5.00-6.00pm)£9.25 per session
SUPPER CLUB PLUS (5.00-7.00pm)£13 per session

Bookings for all of the above can be made by email to the School Office: jsoffice@slcuk.com.

Further details, arrangements & conditions

Breakfast Club
Having been deposited at Kirby House, children enjoy a cooked breakfast with the boarders, under the supervision of the House Mother, then are brought to the Junior School ready for the start of the school day.£5.55 per session
Supper Club
Children are collected from the Junior School by the House Mother and taken up to the dining hall for supper with the boarders. Collection at 6.00pm is from Kirby House.£9.25 per session
Supper Club Plus
As above, but children are brought down by the House Mother to the Junior School for Boarders' Prep after supper, then collected from Kirby House at 7.00pm. (Pick-up between 6.00 and 7.00 also accommodated.)£13 per session
Flexi-BoardingRegular boarding on one or more nights of the week.£52 per night
Occasional BoardingAs required, for an agreed temporary period.£52 per night

Arrangements & Conditions

  • The main purpose of this service is to assist busy working parents and to meet the needs of their children. Bookings will be accepted at the discretion of the Head of the Junior School and may be denied if it is felt that children's best interests are being contradicted.
  • Under normal circumstances, the above options are available to Prep pupils only (Year 3 and above). Under exceptional circumstances, applications from Pre-Prep parents, by direct request to the Head of the Junior School, may be accepted.
  • The number of available places for each of the above options is limited by various factors and bookings will be accepted on a 'first-come-first-served' basis
  • Bookings should be made by email to The School Secretary - jsoffice@slcuk.com giving at least 24 hours' notice. (Please confirm by whom child(ren) staying for Supper Club will be collected.)
  • Charges will normally be made retrospectively and added to the school bill for the following term
  • The school will continue to offer some flexibility with regard to the regular 5 o'clock pick-up after the prep session. However, parents will automatically be charged for Supper Club when a child is not collected from Symonds Hall by 5.15pm.
  • Please understand that failure to collect children promptly at the end of Supper Club and Supper Club Plus will cause inconvenience to boarding staff and pupils. Therefore, penalty charges for late collection will automatically be incurred. Parents collecting late from Supper Club will be charged for Supper Club Plus. Late collection from Supper Club Plus will incur a penalty charge of £10.00.
  • Parents who need to make urgent contact with the school during Breakfast/Supper Club, when the Junior School Office is closed, should call the House Mother, Linda Morgan, on 01843 572912.