From rising 3 to age 4

The first priority is to provide a secure and caring environment for our youngest pupils, but the Nursery at SLCJS offers so much more!

Whilst occupying its own spacious, self-contained area - with a colourful, covered outdoor extension - the Nursery makes regular use of the many outstanding Junior School facilities. Hence, pupils’ early education is enriched by a variety of learning opportunities such as music, drama, dance, swimming and technology, and by joining in school events with older children.

A generous staff:pupil ratio ensures that every child is nurtured as an individual. Nursery pupils enjoy the freedom to explore and discover, within a structured learning programme directed by the Foundation Stage Co-ordinator, one of the schools most highly-qualified and experienced teachers. Even at Nursery level, pupils begin to benefit also from specialist teaching which adds an extra dimension to learning throughout the school as a whole. This teaching, along with facilities like the schools heated indoor swimming pool, is of particular benefit to Nursery pupils physical development.

The Nursery day provides additional opportunities during an enhanced afternoon session, designed especially to offer extra challenge and stimulation to pupils about to embark on their full-time education. Emphasis on boosting key skills, such as reading, within an intimate learning environment, will ensure that all pupils hit the ground running when they move up to Reception!

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