"The School is successful in meeting its aims to develop intellectual curiosity and raise performance through a diverse range of educational opportunities."

As our school aims indicate, we are ambitious for every child and are proud of our academic record. But we recognise that education, in its truest sense, is measured not just in a student's exam results but by preparing young people for a successful future. The learning programme is based on the National Curriculum but always aims to go beyond those confines and to make the process accessible, relevant, meaningful, stimulating and enjoyable for all pupils. Learning across the curriculum is underpinned by an emphasis on creative problem-solving which teaches children how to learn and develops a real sense of intellectual enquiry.

Personal attention is given within small classes where talents are recognised and needs are catered for. Teaching is carefully differentiated to stretch and inspire the most able and to support and encourage those whose confidence is still developing. Specialist teaching from an early stage ensures that teachers' passion for, and knowledge of, their subjects rubs off on their pupils. Every lesson is characterised by a sense of teachers and pupils working closely together to share mutual interests and achieve common goals.