Donors 2017-2018

Donor list 2017-2018 (1 September 2017 – 31 August 2018)

Founder of St Lawrence College (£50,000+ or pledge this sum over a number of years)
The Kirby Laing Foundation
Mr Ray Bowesman

Fellow of St Lawrence College (£10,000 - £49,999)
The Friends of St Lawrence College

The Governors’ Circle (£5,000 - £9,999)
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Abrams
Mr James Barden
Mr Andy Jordan-Smith
Mr H Lau & Ms A Jiang

The Principal’s Circle (£500 - £4,999)
Mr & Mrs Paul Chennery
Mr Jim Connelly
Mr Simon Heard
Mr Nick Marchant
Dr Anthony Medhurst
Mr Will Scott
Mr Antony Spencer
A donor who wishes to give in anonymity
Mr David Vant

The Foundation Circle (regular monthly givers or a one-off gift up to £499)
Mr & Mrs Akintemi
Mr & Mrs Alekseeva
Mr & Mrs Bayerou
Mr & Mrs Binfield
Mr Mike Bolton MBE
Mr & Mrs Brown
Mr & Mrs Burne
Mr & Mrs Clarke
Mr & Mrs Dahms
Mr & Mrs Dambazau
Mr Jonathan Gale
Mr & Mrs Gillies
Captain & Mrs Gurung
Mr & Mrs Gurung
Mr Hong & Mrs Zhang
Mr Huang & Ms Jia
Mr & Mrs Iskandar
Mr David Jackson
Mr & Mrs Jalo-Waziri
Mr & Mrs Kargin
Mr & Mrs Lawn
Mr & Mrs Lewu
Mr Ivan McCracken
Mr Minton & Ms Flowerdew
Mr & Mrs Ndah
Mr & Mrs Ngubane
Mr & Mrs Nwankwo
Mr & Mrs Paija
Mr & Mrs Palacios
Mr & Mrs Pun
Rev & Dr Russell
Mr Shen & Mrs Cai
Dr Chitesha Senaratne
Dr & Mrs Tofte
Dr Vanin & Mrs Safarova
Mr & Mrs Waring
Mr Yan & Mrs Kang
Mr Zhang & Mrs Liu
A donor who wishes to give in anonymity
A donor who wishes to give in anonymity

We would also like to acknowledge with gratitude the countless supporters who support our School through gifts-in-kind. These include through auction prizes and the donation of items at events.

Mr & Mrs Arranz and the Hotel Villa di Padierna
Mr D E Burton
Mr N Duttson
Kent County Cricket Club
Gadds Brewery
Mr J Gurung
Mrs L Hogben
Mr M Iliff
Miss M Laniyan
Mr J Lea
Mr A Rai
Mr M Seccomandi
Miss S Song
Lord G Thornton
Perry Tubb and Pirtek

1879 Society – legacy pledgers
The 1879 Society was created in order to recognise the special generosity and commitment of those who have pledged a gift in their Will towards St Lawrence College. We want all legacy pledgers to understand in their lifetime how much their support is appreciated and the impact it can have on future generations of pupils

Mr R Bowesman
Mr C Burley
Dr H Y R Cheung
Mrs K K DeGeer
Dr D A Fromow
Mrs R Gbedemah
Dr E Gill
Mr J Isaac
Mr J Laslett
Ms J Locsei-Campbell
Mr C Martell
Mr I McCracken
Mr A Millington
Dr G Mungeam
Mr P J Richards
Rev B C Ruff