Fundraising Priorities

Unrestricted gifts to the School are the most desirable and helpful to St Lawrence College. When you donate, you will be giving Governors the ability to direct your gift to areas where they are needed most urgently.

However if you wish to support one of fundraising priorities below, please let us know.

Fundraising Priorities

Bursaries & Scholarships

East Kent Bursaries (for children aged 11 and 16)

For children living in Thanet, there are two critical ages at which a child’s life chances can be transformed: aged 11 when they go to secondary school and aged 16 when they decide if they can go to University.

Large numbers of local children currently experience significant social and educational disadvantages. If children do not pass the 11+, their chances of obtaining 5 GCSEs are very slim. At some local schools only 11% of pupils achieve these qualifications with grades between A*- C. In effect, many children are being written off at a very young age.

Our bursary programme aims to raise the sights and ambitions of East Kent children who have failed the 11+ and who may need the support that is unavailable within their own school. St Lawrence College has shown consistently that we can provide them with stability through our pastoral care, the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential thanks to superb teaching, and the chance to immerse themselves into new sports, arts and cultural activities.”
Antony Spencer, Principal

Bursaries will also be aimed at pupils who, having overcome the barriers and achieved 5 GCSEs each year from areas of deprivation, may wish to join our sixth form so that they may get a place at university.

I give to bursaries because I recognise that some children, through no fault of their own, will not get the same opportunities in life that I received.”
Simon Heard, Deputy Head (Registrar)


St Lawrence College also aims to attract students with great intellectual, sporting, musical or artistic talent from Kent, the UK and from overseas.

I was fortunate enough to obtain a donor-funded scholarship at University. Without this support, I would not have been able to fulfil my academic and personal potential. The lesson that I learned was that there is surely no greater gift than being given an education.”
Dr Anthony Medhurst, Director of Development

Inspirational Teaching and Learning

Children can only reach their potential by being taught by, and learning from, the best. Your support will help us to:
  • attract and retain the best teachers in all subjects
  • enable pupils to attend extra-curricular educational trips and activities e.g. participation in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
  • provide additional specialist coaching e.g. for those who playing sport, music or the performing arts.

Buildings and Equipment

Children who have access to the best facilities and equipment will progress more quickly and perform with greater confidence and maturity.

Your support will ensure that the School’s core physical resources are of the highest levels - now and in the future.