Bursary Appeal 2020

Total Raised: £110,000
(Updated 09/09/2020) 

As our recent 140th Anniversary has shown, St Lawrence College is a School rooted in its Christian values and ethos: serving others has always been at the forefront of our activities.  This is one of the reasons that I wanted to become Headmaster here.

As a charity, St Lawrence College has typically given nearly £3 million p.a. – over 23% of its fee income – towards helping children through bursaries and scholarships, a commitment which has by far exceeded that of other similar schools.  Many children over the years have only been able to receive this special opportunity because they were beneficiaries of this programme.

The urgency and importance of helping pupils in this way, especially those affected by unanticipated financial hardship, has been brought into sharp relief by recent events. The coronavirus epidemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of our daily lives just as it has on the College itself. We are receiving an unprecedented number of calls for help from parents who urgently need assistance for their children in time for the new academic year in September 2020. We anticipate that even more will be impacted over the next 12 months.  

That‘s why I’m making this urgent appeal and asking for your support.

Our immediate goal is to establish a new and significant Emergency Support/Hardship Fund to help pupils continue their education in September 2020 with a bursary, as well as those whose circumstances are likely to change in the new academic year.   This will be part of a mid-long term goal to deliver a new scholarship & bursary scheme called St Lawrence 150 where we aim to subsidise suitably able pupils by 2029 – St Lawrence College’s 150th Anniversary.

St Lawrence 150 will include

  • Scholarships for talented children by subject (e.g. Maths) and country of origin (eg the UK or Hong Kong)
  • Bursaries which widen access to those from disadvantaged backgrounds and support for pupils who experience unanticipated hardship
  • An endowment which will in the long term support both from the interest on the capital sum.

However we need your help TODAY to provide bursaries and scholarships for children impacted by the financial effect of coronavirus.

So what could you do?

Donate a one-off gift – A one-off gift will help our pupils right now who are experiencing hardship through no fault of their own. 

Set up a regular gift – Join your friends, colleagues and or old classmates in funding a child e.g.

  • 25 givers donating £25 per month plus Gift Aid would enable a talented pupil to board at St Lawrence with a 25% scholarship.
  • 30 givers donating £18 per month plus Gift Aid would support a day pupil experiencing unexpected financial hardship with a 50% bursary.
  • 55 donors donating £10 per month plus Gift Aid would provide a 50% scholarship to a bright pupil from East Kent.

Hold a fundraising event – Take up a challenge, bake a cake or get sponsorship.

Connect us with others who could help – If you know of any organisation looking to support children at such a difficult time or grant funding for which we might usefully apply, please put us in touch with people who may help.

Share the message with others – If you are not able to contribute or fundraise, please spread this message widely on your social media.

Further details of how to give can be found in the brochure below.  For this appeal we have teamed up with Virgin Money Giving who will process your gift specifically for this appeal and forward it on to us.

Click here for the St Lawrence College Bursary Appeal

There are many children whose futures are currently uncertain.  However with your support right now, we can ensure that they can continue their education at St Lawrence and have every opportunity to fulfil their potential wherever their talent lies.

With all best wishes

Mr Barney Durrant

Head of College

Bursary Appeal 2020 Brochure

Bursary Appeal 2020

Read or download the Bursary Appeal brochure here.

Bursary Appeal 2020 Video