Annual Fund

Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is an appeal made each year to every member of the St Lawrence College community – parents, staff, former pupils and friends of the School – to help support a selection of worthwhile and achievable projects that can be realised within a year. This initiative will provide the funds for immediate, tangible benefits, designed to enhance, enrich and broaden the educational development and experience of school for all our pupils.

The aim of establishing an Annual Fund is to encourage everyone associated with St Lawrence to consider participating through the donation of modest, regular gifts. All the money raised each year is spent on the target projects for that year, and allocated according to the preferences and wishes of the donors. The Fund means that the College can provide the added extras that allows it to continue to offer an exceptional, innovative and broad-based education.

Why Start an Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund allows all the School’s supporters to participate in something for which they will see an immediate result, as well as help provide for the smaller current projects that materialise each year. This also illustrates how gifts of any size can make a genuine difference to the School, immediately adding value to the quality of a St Lawrence College education. The projects are often things that complement and embellish the core school activities that are financed through fee income.

How does the Process Work?
The Governing Body and Senior Management Team approved the launch of the Annual Fund in November 2009 and pledged their support. The Annual Fund Committee, made up of individuals from the governing, teaching, parent and alumni bodies, was then established and meets annually. This committee considers projects proposed by current staff (and parents), with the successful projects chosen according to assessed need and appeal.

Each year, staff submit proposals for the Annual Fund and whilst it is not possible to cover all requests for funding, the broad selection of projects put forward reflects the importance and worth of this initiative. The projects chosen are based on the criteria that they will provide exceptional added value and should not be funded from existing departmental budgets.
A donation to the Annual Fund will help pupils in one of seven key areas:

  • Academic
  • Junior School
  • Sport
  • Performing Arts
  • Extra-Curricular and AOB Activities
  • Pastoral Care
  • Hardship Fund

The Annual Fund runs for the length of the academic year, with regular updates and an Annual Report produced prior to the start of the next Fund. We hope that most parents, former pupils and friends will respond by January with at least a pledge to contribute before the end of the annual cycle.