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International Study Centre

Pre A-Level Course

Our International Study Centre provides a supportive and ambitious setting for pupils to fulfil their academic goals, become confident in the use of the English language, form lifelong friendships while being ambassadors for their home countries within the diverse St Lawrence College community.

We offer:

  • Our one-year course enables international pupils, intergrated within boarding houses, to develop their skills in written and spoken English
  • Entrance standard required - 150 on Cambridge English Scale – equivalent to an IELTS score of 4.5
  • Pupils will study towards 5 or 6 IGCSE/GCSE examinations in June
  • Successful completion of this course enables them to access A-Levels at St Lawrence and apply to UK and international universities
  • Subjects available are: IGCSE English as a Second Language; GCSE Dual Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics) – equivalent to 2 GCSEs; GCSE Mathematics; GCSE Art & Design or Photography
  • Pupils may also take a GCSE in their native language, subject to availability
  • Small class sizes will maximise each student’s learning opportunities in the classroom
  • Well-qualified and dedicated English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers will support each pupil
  • Involvement in our extensive sports, music and activities programme
  • Weekend activity programme of social and cultural opportunities to develop practical use of English

To find out more, please contact the Senior School Admissions Team on 01843 572931 or email