Entry Requirements

Senior School

  • The Head of College will request a copy of a recent school report for the pupil. Additional information such as predicted GCSE results, IELTS, or SATs scores, may also be required.
  • If possible, the Head of College will interview the prospective pupil and the parents.
  • Subject to a satisfactory interview and or supporting documentation, the Head of College may offer a place. An offer letter will be sent. Testing will only be necessary if additional information about the pupil’s ability or level of English is required.

Junior School

  • An initial parental tour with the Head or Registrar will be followed by a pupil taster day which allows the prospective pupil to be assessed in numeracy and literacy as well as getting to know the school from the inside.
  • A copy of a recent school report will also be required as well as SATs scores, where available.
  • Subject to a satisfactory meeting and supporting documentation, the Head of the Junior School may offer a place.

All parents will be asked to complete and return a Registration Form and a £100 Registration Fee (non-refundable).

Upon receipt of the Registration Form, the Terms and Conditions of the school will be sent with an Acceptance Form. The Acceptance Form must be completed and returned together with a deposit. This will secure a place in the school.

The deposit will be held for the duration of the student’s time at the school and will be returned when all outstanding accounts have been settled in full. It does not form part of the payment for accommodation or boarding fees which are charged termly in advance.