Senior Leadership Team

Principal of the College: A Spencer, MA (Oxon), ACA

Bursar: J A Connelly, MA (Kings College), MBA (Open University), BEng, CEng, MIET

Deputy Head, Pastoral: D Jackson, BA (Durham)

Deputy Head, Academic: W M Scott, BSc (St Andrews)

Chaplain: Revd J P Goodwin-Hudson (Religious Studies)

Assistant Head, 6th Form: S J Clark, BEd Hons (De Montfort) (Head of Academic PE) whilst E Matthews, BA (West of England) (Drama) on maternity leave

Development Director: A Medhurst, BA Hons, MPhil, Phd (Cantab)

Registrar: Dr D M Smith, BA Hons (Wales), PGCE (Cambridge), MPhil (Cambridge), MA (Bath), PhD (London)

Senior School Housemasters & Housemistresses

Bellerby: A Izzard (Games & PE, Head of Netball)

Clifford: A N Humphrys, BA (Westminster) (English)

Deacon: G O Jones (Games, PSHE)

Laing: F E Jackson, BA (Leeds) (French)

Lodge: S Palacios, BMus (CCCU), MMus (CCCU) (Music)

Newlands: N J Watts, BA (Brighton) (Head of Geography)

Tower: E L Pegden, BSc (Greenwich) (Chemistry)

Kirby: ††C E Sharp, MEng (Sheffield) (Mathematics, Physics)

Senior School Staff

F D Alhajjaj, BSc Hons (Kent), (Science)

A E Bailey, BEd (London), MA (Sussex) (Head of PSHE)

P Barlow, BA Hons (Hertfordshire), PGCE (Art & Photography)

Dr K E Barwell, PhD (Kent), BSc (Kent) (Head of Chemistry)

R A Bendall, BA (London) (MFL, EAL)

P Binks, BA (Sunderland) (Art)

J D J Bowyer, MusB Hons (Manchester), GRNCM, FRCO, PGCE (Director of Music)

S Briggs, BEd (Stafford) (AEN, Games)

D Brooks, BSc (Kent) (Head of Mathematics)

C Brown, BA (Exeter) (Head of Economics and Business Studies)

C Browne, BSc (Ohio) (Games, Deputy Resident Housemistress Bellerby)

O C Cackett, BSc Hons (Kent) (Science & PE)

R J Castle, CELTA (Head of EAL)

A E Coe, BA (Hull) (History)

T B Cupido, BA (UnivSA), SCFIt Mast (Univ Western Cape) (Deputy Housemistress Laing)

E Dickinson, BA Hons (Kingston), PGCE (English)

S E Flory, Cert Ed, (London), Dip Adaptive Physical Education (Kent) (AEN)

M Fourrier, BA (France), PGCE (French & Spanish)

S R Fraczek, MA (Cantab), MA (Durham) (English)

L Franklin, BA (CCCU) (Academic Music & Dance, Support Technician, Resident Tutor Lodge)

J Gale, BA (Oxon ), MA (Oxon) (Modern Languages)

A J Gunn, BSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Religious Studies & Philosophy)

R J Higgins, BSc (Manchester) (Head of Modern Languages)

N E P Hill, BSc Hons (Twickenham) (Geography)

N Hodge, BA Hons (Birmingham City), PGCE (Head of Art)

A J Izzard, BA (Chichester) (Director of Sport)

T D A Jameson, BA (Leicester) (Geography)

J A Jennings, BA (Dublin), PGCE, MA (AEN)

Y Jia, BSc Mech Eng (Hebei, China), MEd Basic Psychology (Hebei, China), MA Globalistion & Governance (Hull)(Mathematics)

J Jones, BA Hons (Kent) (English)

O G A Jones, BA Hons (London), ESOL (English, EAL)

S F King, BA (RSA/Cambridge), Cert TEFLA (Deputy Resident Housemaster Tower)

E Kouthouri, BSc (N&C Univ, Athens) (Head of Science & Physics)

J Lane, BA (Kent), MSc (CCCU) (Business Studies, Economics)

V J L Langman, BSc (Oxford) (Science)

P A Lee-Browne, MA (Cambridge), BA (Cambridge) (Head of English)

J E Löcsei-Campbell, BEd (Vitez Janos), BA (Eötvös Lorand), BSc (London Guildhall) (Psychology)

N J Macaulay, BA Hons (Portsmouth), PGCE (AEN)

F E McGrath, BE (Leicestershire) (Mathematics)

T Moulton, BA (Leeds) (Head of History, Universities & Careers, Deputy Housemaster Lodge)

A C Nicholas, Advanced Cert Ed & Higher Dip Ed (South Africa) (Head of Biology)

K B Parker, BA Hons (Manchester Poly), PGCE D&T (Greenwich) (Head of Design & Technology)

††J M Rawbone, BA (Leeds), PGDip Aspergers (Sheffield Hallam), (Head of AEN, Assistant Housemaster Kirby Boys)

A E Ross, BA Hons (London), PGCE (Drama)

C P Senaratne, MSc, PhD (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia) (Mathematics, ICT)

S M Simmons, BSc (Portsmouth) (Games & PE, Head of Cricket, Deputy Housemaster Newlands)

S Spencer, MA (Oxon), CELTA (CCCU) (History)

M Stephens, BEng (Manchester) (Mathematics)

H T Stevens, CertHE in Education Studies (CCCU) (Head of Hockey, Academic PE)

P S Taylor, BA (Brighton) (Design & Technology)

M C Thompson, BA Hons (London) (Mathematics)

J E Van-Ebo, BA (CCCU), MA (CCCU) (Head of Religious Studies)

S J Watts, BA Hons (Exeter), PGCE (MFL)

S Wilde, BSc (Bristol), PGCE (Science)

††R B Wilkening, BA (London), MA (Kent) (Head of ICT, Deputy Housemaster Newlands)

A R Wright, BSc Hons (Sussex), PGCE (Mathematics)

A J Yanchunis, BSc Hons (Open University), MSc (Leicester) (Mathematics)

E J Young, BA (Chichester) (Head of Drama, Assistant Housemistress Kirby Girls)

K Browne, LLM (London Metropolitan), LLB (London Metropolitan) (Sports Coach)

N B T Cavaglieri (O/C CCF Contingent Commander, D of E Manager)

L A Fermor (Home Economics)

J O Greenslade (Musician in Residence)

W G Higgins, BA (Newcastle) (Badminton Coach)

K E Pocock (Examinations Officer)

J P Rolfe (Sports Coach)

Personal Assistant to the Principal: ††V J T Mills

Assistant Registrar: S Mahoney

Admissions & Marketing Assistant: R Bryce

College Administrator: A L Jennings

Data Manager: B B Jones

Exams Officer: K Pocock

Academic Administrative Assistant: V Hammond

Marketing Assistant: C Dequeker

Gap Tutors: R Pledge & T Toomer


Junior School Senior Leadership Team

Head of the Junior School: E Rowe, BA (Sheffield) (PSHE)

Deputy Head: R J Perry, BA (Oxford), MA (Oxon), MBA (Derby) (Maths)

FS & KS1 Co-ordinator: S A Peskett, BEd (Middlesex) (Reception Form Teacher)

SENDCo: K A Danes, BEd (Oxford Brookes) (Maths, English, Outdoor Learning)

Junior School Staff

C L Adams, BA (CCCU) (Year 1 Form Teacher)

S Baker, BA (CCCU) (Year 4 Form Tutor, English, French, Maths, TLS, Girls’ Games & PE)

K Balcombe, NVQ3 (Lunchtime Supervisor, After School Care Provider, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant)

D C Baxter, BSc (Kingston) (Prep Science Teacher)

Z Bonell, BA (Anglia), MA (London) (Reception Form Teacher)

C Brown, BSc (Liverpool John Moores) (Year 4 Form Tutor, Maths, History, Geography, TLS)

R Brown, BA (CCCU) (Nursery Teacher)

H E Caddick, BMus (Goldsmiths), PgDipFlm/TV, CMTA (Director of JS Music)

J H Cox, SEN Support Dip (Blackford), HLTA L4 (Stonebridge) (Prep Teaching Assistant)

G Hagemichael Cert EYP (Open), CertHE SEN (Leeds Beckett) (Pre-Prep SENDCo)

N L Hollow, NVQ3 (Nursery Teaching Assistant)

G Lasslett, BA (CCCU) (Year 5 Form Tutor, English, Maths, ICT, RS, TLS)

J E Lawn (Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant)

A J Mackman, BA (CCCU) (Year 6 Form Tutor, English, Art, Maths)

P J Macaulay, BA Hons (Portsmouth), PGCE (Year 6 Form Tutor)

J A Marsh, BA (Anglia Ruskin) (Head of PE & Boys' Games)

K J Mayo, BA (CCCU) (Year 3 Form Tutor, Lower School PE, Science, Maths, English, History, RS, Geography, TLS)

L A Rhodes (Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant)

J M Scopes, BEd (Kent) (Year 2 Form Teacher)

H Shaw, BSc Hons (Mauritius), PG Dip Ed (Wales) (part-time French Teacher)

S M Stiff, NVQ3 (Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant)

S Timcke, Law LLB (Kent)(Year 5 Form Tutor, English, Maths, Science, History, French)

R D Turner, BA (CCCU) (Year 2 Form Teacher)

E J Walton, BA Hons (Brighton), PGCE (Year 3 Form Tutor)

A J Watkins, CLANSA (OCR) (Prep Teaching Assistant)

C L Whiteley, BA (CCCU) (Year 2 Form Teacher)

Junior School Registrar: L A Harris, MA (Kent), BA (Staffs)

Junior School Secretary & Head's PA: H Sims, PG Cert

Administrative Assistant: J Grogan

Boarding Housemother: L Morgan, NVQ3

Boarding Assistant Housemothers: L Baker & A Mullins

Gap Year Tutor: J A Caro

Gap Year Tutor: S J Herrington

Netball & Serpents Netball Coach: S Glynn-Brooks


College Staff

Alumni Relations & Development Assistant: K J Jury

College Accountant: T D Wren

Commercial Manager: E Taker

Customer Service Manager: J E Hills

Facilities Manager: S Cowdery

General Catering Manager: R M Carey

HR & Compliance Manager: R C Day

ICS Manager: S D Kirby

Librarian: E Forge

Marketing & Admissions Manager: M A Gabbott

South East Asia Representative: Y Dho

Visiting Music Teachers

A Barton-Hodges, BMus Hons (Singing, Violin)

H Boonzaier, BMus (Piano, Guitar)

A Caldon, BMus, ARCM, LRAM (Brass)

P Cavaciuti, MA, BEd (Jazz, Piano, Percussion)

J Evans, LRAM, GRSM (Upper Strings, Piano)

C Faux-Bowyer, BA Hons MMus (Woodwind)

J M Gallagher, LTCL, LGSM (Lower Strings)

R Golding (Drums)

C Grimsdale, BMus (Singing)

C Harding, CT ABRSM (Saxophone)

W Hewson (Piano)

T Palacios, BMus Hons (Harp)

S Rickwood, BA Hons (Guitar & Bass Guitar)

Medical Centre Staff

Sister in Charge of Medical Centre: G Goodwin, RGN

J N Holl, RGN

J A Studd, RGN

J A Sullivan, RGN

S Wilson, RGN BSc Hons Medical Officers

Dr S Goldberg, BSc, MB, BS, MRCGP

Dr A Cunard, BSc, MB, ChB