The Chaplain serves and supports the whole school community and leads the religious life of the College.

The Chaplain has a particular responsibility for the Christian life of the School but also provides guidance and encouragement for pupils of all faiths to explore their beliefs and to foster and understanding of others’ beliefs.

People with different world views are part of our community, bound together by mutual respect and recognition of the importance of faith and morality.

Chapel services are held three times a week for Senior School pupils, and stimulate students to think about spiritual issues and their application in the real world. We want to encourage all pupils to make informed personal choices about their beliefs and moral views, equipping them for the future.

Junior School pupils celebrate with Chapel Services at Easter, Harvest Festival and Christmas, with regular Assemblies being held throughout the week.

An atmosphere of trust and mutual respect is based on kindness, forgiveness and consideration for others. There is a strong emphasis placed on thoughtful conduct, courtesy and good manners, and on endowing pupils with a clear sense of ethical responsibility.

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