Pastoral Care

"The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent. The school provides a very caring and nurturing environment."ISI SENIOR INSPECTION REPORT 2015

The school is big enough to provide a rich diet of opportunities and small enough to focus on everyone's personal needs. The welfare, health and safety of pupils comes first, closely followed by a determination to value, understand and support each child's needs as a human being. This is achieved first of all by the extremely close relationship between staff and pupils, built on the staff's detailed knowledge of each individual.

In order to help all our pupils to achieve their potential, we count on the support of parents working alongside our dedicated team of teaching and non-teaching staff. Pupils are helped to stay on target through regular and systematic monitoring, which can identify fluctuating strengths and weaknesses and so keep parents and guardians regularly informed of their child’s progress.

The Senior School operates a Tutor system within each House where each pupil is allocated a Tutor who meets with them weekly to discuss any aspect of school life. Assemblies and collective worship are seen as key channels for promoting and maintaining an ethos of corporate responsibility, consideration of the individual and moral values. Working alongside this, the school’s PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) programme seeks to reinforce positive values amongst students focusing on such topics as relationships, self-esteem, leadership opportunities and working with others. We believe that students have the right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment and that high standards of behaviour allow this to occur.

Junior School pupils’ personal, social and emotional needs are supported throughout the school by the form teacher/tutor. As well as monitoring a child's academic progress, the teacher/tutor is responsible for dealing with any personal difficulties and for acting as the 'first port of call' for parents.

Pupils are encouraged to respect and follow the clear and positive sets of rules that encourage good citizenship throughout the school community. These are linked with incentives which children appreciate; they also understand the sanctions that are used on occasion to reinforce their teachers' expectations.

"The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent. Pupils are supported by the school's open and embracing culture. . . The excellent quality of pastoral care is characterised by the kindness and concern shown by staff."