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Escape Room!

Escape Room!

Mrs Danes, Junior School Head of Maths, developed the most innovative way to excite pupils about Maths, problem solving and code-cracking, by designing the school’s very own ‘Escape Room'.  Escape Room is an interactive and intuitive real life escape game which has become the latest entertainment craze around the world.  The game is designed for children or adults to work together within a small group to solve challenging puzzles and problems to escape a room. 

On the Thursday before Half Term, all Key Stage 2 pupils experienced interesting themed challenge rooms (without locked doors), whilst younger pupils enjoyed a carousel of exciting maths puzzles and games. The bespoke Escape Room challenge consisted of a series of eight themed rooms within the former senior boarding house, an unfamiliar setting to the children, thus adding to the mystery, adventure and excitement of the day. The pupils were carefully selected to be in small mixed-ability groups with special consideration given to personality traits and behaviours in order to give them all an opportunity to contribute and succeed.

The pupils entered each room and were given a set amount of time to solve a puzzle which unlocked a box to retrieve a gold coin. The eight themed rooms were fun and engaging environments named the Bird room, Music room, Code room, Moving House room, Money room, Bottle room, Pirate room and the Book room.  

Mrs Danes said:  “Nowadays children have become so captivated and adept at problem solving within computer games and so we should tap into these ever developing skills. Escape rooms are like a simulation computer game, but the difference is, it is live. It is an immersive learning experience that promotes problem solving, logical reasoning, teamwork, communication skills, perseverance, working under pressure and inference skills.” 

My colleagues and I witnessed the pupils’ imagination, creativity and natural curiosity come to life in this real and thrilling unique learning experience which allowed each and every child to experience an exciting game format which they are now begging us to be repeated. Enabling children to become independent learners and problem solvers is one of our main aims at St Lawrence College Junior School.” 

'Best day ever - I want to do every day!'  Albie, Year 6

'It was so fun and helped us to work together. I loved it and I want more of it!'  Marcie, Year 4 

'I really learnt how to cooperate with children that I don't usually work with. I liked the Code room and Book room because they were the hardest.'  Eva, Year 4 

'I just loved it all!'  Joshua, Year 5

'I found Escape the Room really challenging, exciting, fun and adventurous. I would really like to do it again!'  Sabija, Year 5

'Escape the room was really exciting. I enjoyed the bottle room because it was really difficult to do.'  
Alex, Year 5  

'It highlighted different strengths you wouldn't see straightaway in the classroom.'  Mrs Lasslett, Year 4 Teacher

'It was wonderful to see the children persevere using trial and error.'  Mrs Baker, Year 4 Teacher

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